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MEPXY Brush Markers - Cool Colours

MEPXY Brush Markers - Cool Colours

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V04 Lilac
V06 Iris Purple
V09 Violet
V12 Orchid
V15 Rosebud
V17 Bluish Lavender
P00 Light Violet
P04 Lavender
P08 Blue Violet
P13 Jacaranda
P23 Gray Lilac
P31 Orchid Ice
L01 Yellow Light Green
L03 Yellow Green
L05 Elm Green
L07 Natural Green
L09 Fresh Green
L11 Lime Punch
L21 Spruce
L24 Lawn Green
L25 Parrot Green
L41 Cocoon
L63 Forest Green
L91 Swamp
L95 Pale olive
L97 Olive
L99 Marine Green
G00 Celadon
G02 Pale Green
G05 Kelly Green
G07 Vivid Green
G09 Greenery
G16 Malachite
G17 Medium Green
G20 Grass Green
G21 Lime
G24 Fresh Ash
G28 Light Pine Green
G29 Pine Green
G39 Viridian
G82 Jade Lime
G99 Deep Olive Green
C01 Soothing Sea
C02 Light Cyan
C05 Cyan
C09 Dark Turquoise
C10 Pale Aqua
C13 Mint Green
C15 Aqua
C18 Dark Aqua
C32 Capri Blue
C43 Fair Aqua
C49 Vivid Blue
C99 Pine Needle
B00 Blue Wash
B01 Mint Blue
B02 Air Blue
B04 Sky Blue
B05 Process Blue
B06 Peacock Blue
B12 River Blue
B14 Light Blue
B16 Brilliant Blue
B18 Bright Blue
B21 Pale Blue
B23 Pale Ultramarine
B26 Ultra Light
B29 Ultra Marine
B34 Manganese Blue
B37 Indigo
B39 Prussian Blue
B45 Placid Blue
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A brush tip on one end and a chisel tip on the other end of these ultra fast-drying, alcohol based markers make them ideal for a variety of uses. The ink in MEPXY brush marker is translucent so that lines and colours can show through, making the blending and layering of colours possible. The ink is toner-friendly, so it won't remove print or images from copied or laser-printed pages. MEPXY brush markers also work well with stamped or drawn images, depending on what type of ink is used to stamp or draw the images.

Sets are also available in basic, skin tone, pastel, vivid, neutral grey, cool grey, warm grey, toner grey colours.

Please allow 5 days for delivery on certain colours. 

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