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Elizabeth St. Hilaire - Adelaide, South AustraliaElizabeth St. Hilaire - Adelaide, South AustraliaElizabeth St. Hilaire - Adelaide, South AustraliaElizabeth St. Hilaire - Adelaide, South AustraliaElizabeth St. Hilaire - Adelaide, South AustraliaElizabeth St. Hilaire - Adelaide, South AustraliaElizabeth St. Hilaire - Adelaide, South AustraliaElizabeth St. Hilaire - Adelaide, South AustraliaElizabeth St. Hilaire - Adelaide, South Australia
  • Birds and Blooms 3 day workshop

  • 10th - 12th March 2020

  • 10am - 4pm daily

  • Mercure Grosvenor Hotel, Adelaide

  • Maximum 20 students per workshop

  • Payment plan available at checkout

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Birds and Blooms - 3 day workshop

Learn to collage birds and flowers in mixed media. Create colourful petals and plumage with your own hand-painted collage papers. Experiment with hand-painting, staining, stamping and patterning paper through a multitude of techniques. Classroom lecture and demos will be presented for painting paper and collage application. Learn hot to rip and glue and apply your papers in a painterly manner over the top of an acrylic underpainting.

Learn how to tear with  and without white edges, how to keep your pieces perfectly flat without cockling and how to vary your paper brush marks in size and shape. At the conclusion of this workshop, you will have the skills to create impressionistic, painterly collages from initial sketch to complete and ready to hang finished artwork!

4 Star hotel in heart of Adelaide City, South Australia 

Continuous tea & coffee 

Morning & afternoon tea 

Gourmet lunch 

1 x 12"x12" or 11"x14" canvas panel

Water buckets, paper towel & baby wipes 

Selection of acrylic paints, gesso and gloss gel medium for sharing 

Disposable palettes

Pencils, ball point pens and erasers

Graphite transfer paper

Facebook "meet & greet" group page 

The hotel has kindly let us have the room for the 3 consecutive days without having to pack up after day 1&2. This means you can leave your table all ready to continue the next day and just clean up your paints and brushes.  


Rice paper - Hosho or Shuji Gami Kozo paper roll or sketch pad. Washi or Unyuri white papers with and without fibres/texture purchase at your local art supply or craft store in the Chinese brush painting section.

Variety of found papers - sheet music, maps, hand written notes, old book pages, dry waxed deli paper in variety of thicknesses and textures.

Decorative papers  - papers you purchase at local art/craft store (not scrapbook paper) wiwth fibre, embossing, metallic patterning, iridescent patterning. Purchase in white or natural if possible, this allows for the most colour options when painting. 

NO magazines or shiny coated printed papers

Gel press monoprinting printing plate 8"x10" size with hard rubber brayer (can purchase from Mrs Red at workshop)

Paint brushes - variety of sizes, for painting and applying glue.

Palette (if you don't want to use disposable one).

Reference Photo - the same size as your canvas panel board that you choose. If your printer does not go this large, please either tile your image and tape it together or have it output at your local Officeworks on NON GLOSSY paper.  (this is a great topic for discussion in the Facebook group so you are 100% happy with what you bring along to workshop)


Wood panels - cradled wood painting panels. This is a more expensive option than canvas panel and does require a coat of gesso primer/sealer but cradled panels do not require framing.

Plastic zip lock bags - for organising papers by colour to take home

Mixed Media Tools - stencils, string, wool, scraping tools, cotton tips, makeup sponges etc for use on the gel plate. Anything fun that you may have around or in your home that you'd like to experiment with.

More information will be shared in Facebook group page or via email.

It is STRONGLY recommended that nobody purchase flights OR accomodation until we hit minimum numbers for both days. Mrs Red will let everyone know as we get closer to target numbers. Minimum of 12 students per day is required.

The hotel is also offering a special on accomodation for this workshop. More information will be provided when we get to that magical number.

All tickets will be 100% refunded if class numbers not met. 

However, if you are unable to come you will need to sell your ticket to someone else and have paid Mrs Red's your full amount before workshop date. 

We need to pay the artists upfront so I need to be very clear about this.

As your questions filter through, I will upload Q&As here. To ask a workshop specific question please email create@mrsreds.com.au

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