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Donna Downey - Expressive Figures
Donna Downey - Expressive FiguresDonna Downey - Expressive FiguresDonna Downey - Expressive FiguresDonna Downey - Expressive Figures
  • ONE day Expressive Figures workshop

  • 27th September 2019

  • 10am - 5pm

  • Mercure Grosvenor Hotel Adelaide

  • Maximum 20 students per workshop

  • Payment plan available at checkout

  • Included
  • FAQ


"Rendering the human figure is both vulnerable and intrinsically beautiful. You will learn to paint the movements of the body and explore expressive intentions and emotions through each mark of colour".

- Complete 1 figurative painting (18x24" canvas supplied)

- Acrylic paint is ONLY medium however you can then continue with any medium after the workshop

- We will not be striving for realism, but focussing on the expressive quality of painting the figure

- Elements of composition

- Using a grid to establish proportion

- Defining the body through shadow and light

- Highlighting the stylistic differences each artist brings to their own painting

4 Star hotel in heart of Adelaide 

Continuous tea & coffee 

Morning & afternoon tea 

Gourmet lunch 

One canvas per student 

Table easels, water buckets & palette knives 

Paper towel & baby wipes 

Selection of acrylic paints for sharing 

Disposable palettes 

Facebook "meet & greet" group page 


Brushes - round size 2, filberts in 4, 6, 8 

Wedges - Princeton Catalyst Silicon wedge #6 Princeton Catalyst mini blades #1, #2 or #6 

 Palette (if you don't want to use disposable one). 

More information will be shared in Facebook group page or via email.

It is STRONGLY recommended that nobody purchase flights OR accomodation until we hit minimum numbers for both days. Mrs Red will let everyone know as we get closer to target numbers. Minimum of 12 students per day is required.

The hotel is also offering a special on accomodation for this workshop. More information will be provided when we get to that magical number.

All tickets will be 100% refunded if class numbers not met.If you choose the payment plan, you will not be refunded for their interest on total.

However, if you are unable to come you will need to sell your ticket to someone else and have paid Mrs Red's your full amount before workshop date. 

We need to pay the artists upfront so I need to be very clear about this.

As your questions filter through, I will upload Q&As here. To ask a workshop specific question please email create@mrsreds.com.au

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