The 5 Most Popular Art Supplies Challenge!

The 5 Most Popular Art Supplies Challenge!

In this particular challenge, I took the Top 5 Art Supplies that were sold in Mrs Red's art room online store from June and created an artwork. This of course would not work every month because the art supplies just won't work together, like watercolour paints and fabric ink with to create a lino print, for example. 

As for the inspiration for this gorgeous little turtle, I'm not joking, I had swum with turtles earlier that day! I love ocean swimming and a group of us swam out to the Kirra reef, off Kirra beach on the southern end of the Gold Coast. We saw stingrays, a couple of wobbegong sharks (reef dwellers), the turtles and marine fish. It was amazing and I am looking forward to another swim out there. 

What were the 5 art supplies used?

pigma micron drawing pens best in world

Sakura Pigma Micron pens

With 7 different thicknesses in pen nib weight, these drawing pens are undoubtably one of Mrs Red's favourite art supplies. I have used them for years and the nib tends to blunt down before the ink runs out (after a lot of use). They are permanent fade proof ink, archival quality and waterproof (instantly). 

They do come in a few other colours however black is definitely the most popular to buy. The one's I probably use the most is the 005 (super dooper fine) & 04.

Winsor & Newton Masking Fluid

Oh, you haven't lived if you haven't tried masking fluid before! This is a game changer for any type of watercolour artwork. It is a pigmented liquid with rubber latex in it. It will dry very quickly and depending on which one you buy; you peel the masking fluid off your paper afterwards or leave it. The one used in the art challenge is the one that you peel off after you have finished blocking out area's that you don't want touched. Definitely put this one in your art supply box!

masking fluid for watercolour and mixed media
brusho is best mixed media paint watercolour


There is a reason why this is in the Top 5 art products of the month. It is so fun to use, and you can never expect the outcome. Brusho is a highly pigmented powder, which once water is applied turns it very quickly into a liquid, as you can see in the image. And how's the colour difference between powder form and when water is added! There are 34 different colours. In the video I accidently cut the first bit of Brusho going down, I'm sorry. I didn't know until video was uploaded.

Fabriano Watercolour Pads

This paper guarantees an exceptional offer for students and beginners. Ideal for water colour, tempera, gouache, acrylic, ink and drawing. Twelve sheets per pad and available in 200gsm and 300 gsm.


Remember, Hot Pressed is smooth, Cold Pressed is rough.

watercolour pads paper for students and beginners. great for mixed media.
paint pens for using with mixed media

Derwent Graphik Paint Pens

Derwent Graphik Line Painter pens contain water-based pigment paint that is lightfast, opaque, waterproof and permanent. 

There are 20 vibrant colours in the range, all with a 0.5mm Japanese-made steel nib. The barrel is frosted so you can see the paint moving inside. 

When ink is wet, the paint is water-soluble however you only have about a 30 second window before it dries.

Creating the Mixed Media Turtle

Please enjoy watching this video from start to finish of the turtle coming together, using the 5 art supplies mentioned above. Please note, the first bit of Brusho used (turtles shell) was left out when editing. I didn't realise until it had been up on YouTube for over a week :( However, it's still a great little inspirational video from Mrs Red. 

To purchase any of the any of the art supplies used in this video and any other art products, click on the images or here to go directly to Mrs Red's art store where you will also find art projects to purchase and downloadable art lessons. 

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Fantastic fun, definitely putting the powder on my Christmas list. Thanks

Debbie Rhodes

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