Located in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast is the Royal Queensland Art Society (RQAS), 

which is where you will find Mrs Red teaching Sketchbook Satchel. 

Get used to keeping a sketchbook or 10! Become outside ready by preparing a travel kit of art supplies you simply cannot live without and be more confident at sketching in public, in a life drawing group, whilst travelling or simply just sketching out ideas for a canvas.

These classes run from 1pm - 4pm (Queensland time) on a Monday. 

Bookings advised, payment options is below.

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Sketchbook Satchel

Let's unpack the Sketchbook Satchel!

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Staedtler Sketching Set

Featured Products for Sketchbooks

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Drawing pens
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tombow brush markers
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Liquitex Acrylic Gouache
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Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks 14ml
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Faber-Castell Kneadable Eraser
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Staedtler pigment liner

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