Marker - What's inside October 19 Red's Art Cart?

What's inside October 19 Red's Art Cart?

Inktober! Whaaaa? No seriously, if you haven’t heard about #inktober yet, you really must be living under a rock, or at least not be on social media.

Text - What's inside October 19 Red's Art Cart?

Back in 2009, Jake Parker came up with the challenge, calling it Inktober. Jake is a teacher, illustrator and author and as a way to improve his own art skills he decided to challenge himself to a whole entire month of doing one sketch per day in the month of October. How cool would it be to do this, and then have it explode the way it has! 

As I write this, in October 2019, there are 763k followers on the Inktober Instagram page! That is just ridiculous and the momentum that this one single month of the year has caused is just purely fantastic. Every year now, leading up to Inktober, Jake sends out a list of drawing prompts, one for each day of the month and when you complete that days prompt you post it on Instagram with the hashtag #inktober There is no prize, it is purely a challenge to draw every day for a month. Here is the Instagram handle and click here for the Inktober website link, so you can subscribe and be ready for next years challenge. 

Marker - What's inside October 19 Red's Art Cart?

Contents of October's Red's Art Cart

So finally (only took me two years to remember) I have designed Octobers Art Cart around Inktober. And I love what we have created this month for all our Art Carters.Each cart contains one of the muted colours from Liquitex Ink. There are only 5 colours in the muted range and they are soooooo cool and yes, very muted in colour. Three brushes in different sizes, one Uni Paint Marker, a 005 ZIG Millennium drawing pen and a Saunders 7x5 watercolour medium block pad.

Animal - What's inside October 19 Red's Art Cart?

Artwork by Jane aka Mrs Red

This month has flown and with the month almost over, I would love to see some of the Art Carters tagging their drawings on social media for us all to see. 

Happy inking everyone and if you want more details on the subscription Art Carts and to purchase left over October 2019 carts then click on this link .


Mrs Red 

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