Turn an oil pastel drawing into a smooth oil painting with a secret ingredient! In this YouTube LIVE recording just in time for Valentine’s Day, Mrs Red shows you an easy and effective way to create a stained-glass heart which looks painted rather than drawn.

valentines heart art project for kids

Art Supplies You Will Need

  • Black card or paper, A4 size minimum

  • PVA craft glue in a squeezy bottle

  • Graphite pencil

  • Brush used for gluing or acrylic painting

  • Oil pastels

  • Baby oil

  • Paper towel

This project is great for ages 5+ with a little help from an adult. 

It is better to be done over a couple of days because you have to allow for the PVA glue to dry.

Step 1: Putting PVA glue down

Take your black paper and draw up your heart design. Make sure the hearts are not too small otherwise the glue will be hard to lay down.

Gently and slowly lay the glue down onto the black paper directly over your graphite drawing. Make sure you have no gaps in glue otherwise it will not bring on the stained-glass effect when it is all finished. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

Step 2: Choosing colours

Choose the colours you are using for your heart artwork and start colouring in. Light colours work best but you can use white oil pastel along with a darker colour so that it doesn’t disappear into the black paper. Try not to brush off the bits of oil pastel that create balls on your drawing as the baby oil will flatten these.

oil pastel heart art project
baby oil with oil pastel

Step 3: Paint with baby oil

Now you are ready to start painting! A paint palette is best for this as you can end up colouring the oil from dipping a pastel-soaked brush into the same well. Look at the example and see the red in the palette. Only a little bit of oil is required so gently dip a clean brush into baby oil and then brush it over ONE colour only. Before you start on a new colour you must wipe your brush clean using the paper towel. Then dip it in clean oil and repeat this process until your artwork. The baby oil doesn’t take long to dry and so your artwork is ready to hang, take home or give to someone as a gift.

oil pastel art work

Make sure you watch the YouTube video here to see Mrs Red demonstrate this project. And I would love to see some examples of this artwork. Please contact me on socials or reply to this blog post. Have fun!

Mrs Red