Furniture - What's inside September 19 Red's Art Cart?

What's inside September 19 Red's Art Cart?

Colour explosions and doodling! What’s not to love about what is inside September 19 Red’s Art Cart.

Furniture - What's inside September 19 Red's Art Cart?

Anyone who loves unpredictability with their art is in for a treat this month. Brusho, which is the main product of the Art Cart is one of those art materials that couldn’t be more unpredictable. And for someone who doesn’t like change, I absolutely LOVE working with it! 

 What exactly is Brusho, for those that may not have come across it yet. Well, to begin with, it has no competition, being a completely unique art product. Best described as a highly pigmented ink powder which is transparent and comes in a fabulous range of 30 colours. Brusho is not traditionally a watercolour paint but it definitely has a similar effect and works beautifully on watercolour or mixed media paper. And as you can see in the photo below of the open pot, what you first see is not what you will finish up with, colour wise. Helps to always have the colour chart handy, especially when purchasing. 

 There are a few ways to work with Brusho and my advice is to take a look at how I have used the Brusho in this YouTube video [provide link] and then have a look at other ways brusho can be applied. The Art Carter’s have all received a 30ml spray bottle in their Cart this month and if they have a watercolour brush handy, can use that as well. Paper towel also comes in handy to mop up excess water. It truly is a fabulous form of painting with so much unpredictability and sooooooo much fun. AND every artwork will be unique! 

Spice - What's inside September 19 Red's Art Cart?

Photo cred by Mrs Red

Also, in this month’s Cart is the Sakura Pigma brush pen, in medium tip. Just like the Pigma Microns, they are waterproof, fade proof and archival, meaning they won’t fade in colour over time. You can do a gorgeous doodling just like I have done for the example artwork for this month and and then use the Brusho over the top and not worry about bleeding when the water hits the drawing. The Art Carter’s also received the A5 pad of Fabriano Hot Pressed watercolour paper, 200gsm, YUM! In paper terms, hot pressed means it is smooth so the pen will glide nicely over the surface. 

 Finally, a set of 4 metallic Pentel gel pens. These pens were so smooth and lovely to use and will come in so handy at Christmas time when we all up the sparkle in our lives! They were happy enough for me to use them on top of the Brusho but did prefer me to use them over the black pen or straight onto the watercolour paper. Some gel pens will stop rolling the minute they touch a painted surface, these kept going although I wouldn’t want to only use them over a painted surface.

Art - What's inside September 19 Red's Art Cart?

Example artwork with the contents of the September 19 Cart

Of course, I love all the monthly Art Carts however there are always going to be some stand outs and Septembers Art Cart is definitely one of them. When I don’t want to stop using the monthly products and pretend like nothing else in life matters, I know I have produced a great Cart. 

Happy creating everyone and if you want more details on the subscription Art Carts then click on this link 

Mrs Red 


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