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Schmincke Aqua Bronze Pigments

Schmincke Aqua Bronze Pigments

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These intense metallic bronze pigments can be used dry or mixed with water based paints, like acrylic and gouache. For glossy metal effects in gouache, watercolour or ink drawings/paintings on less absorbant surfaces, such as paper, cardboard and canvas (not suitable for metal or plastic).

When using on an absorbent surface, it is recommended an additional pre-treament with a clear sealer or absorbent gesso or primer.

How to use:

Mix required quantity of Aqua-Bronzes with a little water ona palette shortly before the application. These can further be diluted with water. The amount of added water influences the opacity and gloss of the colour. 

Alternatively, they can be used mixed with a water based binder medium or gel medium for work with acrylic paints. 

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