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Learn Tone & Shadow with Pencils

Learn Tone & Shadow with Pencils

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Tone & Shadow with pencils

In this art class you will learn the drawing skills of Tone & Shadow with this fun art class where you can take a circle and turn it into a ball sitting on the surface. Once this has been done, you trace the template provided of the vases and colour these vases in with the same tone and shadow you learned with the ball exercise. You will finish with a still life drawing and a better understanding of shadows & tone.

You will also receive a downloadable workbook and small videos to watch at your own speed. You also get to chat with Mrs Red, twice throughout your project, via a 15 minute Zoom call. And once you have these drawing skills under your belt, you can draw anything and make it look 3D!

These projects are suitable for ages 6+ however guidance will need to be given to children, with watching video's, tracing templates and following general step-by-step instructions.

Materials needed:

Art diary (A3 spiral bound preferred)
HB or 2B graphite pencil
Eraser & pencil sharpener
Coloured pencils
Glue stick & scissors
Watercolours (disc is fine)
A3 watercolour or mixed media paper
Grab the ART KIT for this project and have it delivered to your door!

Timeframe to complete project:

• Allow between 2 - 4 hours for this project
• The class will be sent out to you over the course of a week, where you will receive the workbook to download, a timeline to complete project and supporting videos.
• Plus 2 x 15 minute Zoom calls with Mrs Red if you wish
• How long you take to do the project is up to you, however trying to stick to a month is a great goal. Some of you will work faster and that is fine. You just don't want to leave too much time in between starting and finishing. 
• The Zoom calls are optional however it is called an 'online art class' because of this, otherwise it would be an 'online art project'. Use the experience of Mrs Red to help you move forward with you drawing and painting.

Zoom Calls

Mrs Red may show you a powerpoint presentation that relates to what you have covered so far. This usually takes the first 5 minutes. Prior to Zoom call, take the best photo possible of your work in progress or finished artwork and email to Mrs Red so that she can put it up on screen to discuss.


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