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Sketchbook Diaries Lowdown

Mrs Red is an experienced art teacher and has been working under the name Mrs Red's art room for almost 12 years now. For the first 6 years Mrs Red's art room was a local business on the Gold Coast, teaching adults and kids art classes. Now, Mrs Red teaches online paint'n'sip style watercolour and doodling classes (Wine & Untangle) and is keen to get back into teaching drawing and mixed media skills. Sketchbook Diaries has been on the radar for awhile however, needed the timing to be right.

The focus will be on using a sketchbook, learning or brushing the cobwebs away on basic drawing skills. Each month will follow a theme, chosen by Mrs Red and all the build up will be done in sketchbooks. If the student then wants to do a finished artwork on canvas, watercolour paper etc, they can do this and use their 30 minute private class to ask questions and refine skills for that project. If the student wishes not to complete a finished artwork from the monthly theme, there will be other challenges set that can be completed in the sketchbook. These will be more diary looking. For example - do a line drawing of the milk carton you used at breakfast OR draw the contents on the table at breakfast.  

These classes are prefect for anyone who is wanting qualified feedback into their drawings and artworks. Every artwork needs to start with an idea, a sketch and in most cases several roughs to get the ideas worked out. If your drawing skills are not up to scratch, this makes the end result harder to reach. The classes are suitable for kids 12+ who love their art but perhaps don't get the full opportunity at school to get stuck in. Mrs Red wishes she had this opportunity when she was a teenager!

sketchbook diaries assorted art supplies

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Arto paper
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Fabriano Venezia journals - Mrs Red's
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Staedtler pigment liner
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Drawing pens
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tombow brush markers
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Koi Colouring Brush Pens - 48 colours!
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Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks 14ml
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Liquitex Ink for drawing and painting with.
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Micador is a art supply brand that Mrs Red's stocks, here in Australia

Future Monthly Themes

Your Questions, Answered.

I haven't done any art since school, can I still join?

100% you can join! Every month there will be new students and during the group classes OR in your private class, we can focus on the area of your interest.

Can I attend both group classes?

Yes! They won't be a repeat. Mrs Red will start with an art skill exercise and then open floor for questions and how you are progressing.

I won't be able to attend the live group classes. Can I still join and get the 30 minute private class?

Absolutely! The group classes will be recorded and sent to the group via email, so everyone can watch them afterwards.

I would like my U12 year old to join. Can this happen?

I don't have a problem is U12's want to join but they will need a supervising adult with them so that they can listen in and understand as well. 

Can I get a recording of the online class?

Yes, all group calls will be recorded and sent to the monthly group via email.