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Atelier Free Flow 60ml - Series 1

Atelier Free Flow 60ml - Series 1

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PLEASE NOTE! If the price of the Series 1 is $4.00, it is old stock. The bottles are sealed and I can hear the fluid when shaken. Great to practise with and for students to experiment with. I have also used sticky tape to keep labels from curling (a common problem with these bottles back in 2016). No returns on sale items.

Atelier Free Flow product benefits:

  • maximum pigment load and excellent lightfastness
  • amazing fluid consistency, that just keeps flowing!
  • velvet matte finish with rich and vibrant color
  • a versatile substitute for ink, watercolor or gouache
  • use for flat, even paint application & fine details
  • ideal for mixed media, Aboriginal and Chinese art
  • compatible with Atelier Mediums
  • can be used on canvas, paper and board
  • 36 colors available in 60ml, 250ml and 500ml bottles.
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