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Untangle with Watercolour Art Cart for TWO!

Untangle with Watercolour Art Cart for TWO!

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What's included:

• One month FREE to Untangle with Watercolour for 2 people online (same month)
• 1 pad of watercolour paper (12 sheets)
• 6 disc set of watercolours
• 4 super soft watercolour brushes in different sizes 
• 6 waterproof drawing pens in different widths 
• 1 quality graphite pencil to draw your templates in with

The first thing you will have to replace is the watercolour paper. Everything else should last for hours, months, years etc. 

When it comes to watercolours, you get what you pay for. Cheap paints = cheap watery outcome. Mrs Red put two different watercolour disc paints to the test in Compare the Pear (blog post to come) and the Koh-I-Noor stood out plus it has a metallic disc to add a little sparkle to your paintings. The brushes are watercolour brushes, holding a lot of water and very soft and do not fray. The pens are waterproof ink and will not fade on you. And the paper is a student grade perfect for Untangle with Watercolour art classes.

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