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Liquitex INK! 30ml

Liquitex INK! 30ml

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    Liquitex Professional Acrylic Ink is a range of extremely fluid acrylic paints that use super-fine pigments in a state-of-the-art acrylic emulsion. They dry quickly, are permanent, water resistant and non-clogging, which makes them ideal for a variety of techniques from watercolour effects to stamping. Liquitex Acrylic inks are compatible with all Liquitex acrylic products.


    • 30 professional color spectrum 
    • Intense bold lightfast colors 
    • Extremely fluid, no need to dilute for airbrushing or calligraphy 
    • Superior water resistance 
    • Non-clogging 
    • Fast drying 
    • Ideal for watercolor effects, color blocking and under painting 
    • Intermixable with all other Liquitex acrylics and mediums 
    • A balanced color line of opaque and transparent colors 


    • Dip Pen  
    • Brush  
    • Technical Pen  
    • Stamping  
    • Ink Brayer  
    • Screen Printing  
    • Fabric Painting  
    • Book Arts  
    • Calligraphy  
    • Stippling  
    • Photo Tinting  
    • Airbrush  
    • Drybrush  
    • Stenciling  
    • Pouring  
    • Watercolor  
    • Collage  
    • Drafting 


    PLEASE NOTE: Postage on some of these colours will take up to 10 business days for delivery.


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