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Rainbow Scales Kombi Canvas

Rainbow Scales Kombi Canvas

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Rainbow Scales Kombi Canvas


Everything you need is included in this Art Kit to create the Kombi Canvas to hang on your own wall! The package arrives to you in the mail with the template of the Kombi already drawn onto the canvas. A 8 page booklet will guide you through from the first lick of paint to the last button stuck on, along with plenty of how-to photo's. 

Mrs Red has taken the most popular school holiday workshop that she used to do in the Art Room at Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia! And adapted it into a package that can be sent out from the Mrs Red's HQ, having packed everything together herself. THIS IS NOT A CHEAP PAINT BY NUMBERS ART PROJECT!

All contents have come from Australian suppliers and supermarket finds (foil and plastic netting from fruit bags).

You will not find a more authentic and original art project that all ages can do. And the best part is that it will take 3-4 hours to complete so you really are getting such great value for money. 


Look what is included in your Kombi Canvas Kit!

• 45cm x 45cm blank stretched canvas
  (Kombi template already drawn on to canvas for you)
• 8-10 paint pots
• 6 x paint brushes
• 50ml PVA Glue
• 1 tablespoon of sand
• Strip of material
• 4 x buttons
• 2 x matchsticks
• 2 x plastic netting
• Foil to cut circles out
• 1 x Kombi emblem


Can I choose different colours for my Kombi? Unfortunately, to begin with, the colours will remain as per what is in the photo. If you want to purchase your own colours that is fine as well. MRs Red uses a combination of Chromacryl & Global Acrylic paints but any acrylic paints can be used. Watercolour, gouache or poster paints will NOT work on this canvas.

Can I choose my own material? Yes, if you would prefer to choose your own material this is perfectly fine too. You do however, have to still buy a complete Kombi Kit so perhaps choose one where the colour scheme is close to the one you want. 

What age can my kids be to do this Kombi Canvas? This is a step-by-step canvas with instructions for every step. School aged children, ages 6+ can do this canvas with adult supervision. Usually from age 10+ can do this canvas themselves. And adults? Absolutely, this project is for everyone, why should kids have all the fun!

Is everything I need really included in the Art Kit? Yes, everything apart from scissors, small tub for sand mixing and a water bucket for paint.

Is this the only designs I can choose from? To begin with, there are 4 different designs but over the coming months more will come available. The design will continue for as long as I can get that particular fabric. Mrs Red is looking forward to having so many designs it will make the choice really tough, ha ha!


These canvases are all copyright of Jane Whittred of Mrs Red's art room. The template, images or artwork can not be replicated, manipulated, modified, copied or sold. Reproduction of this artwork is a criminal offence under Australian Copyright laws. Please respect Mrs Red's original works and the law.


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